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Branch delete tool made with Golang


GOMI is a tool for deleting branches that have been merged into the local git repository.

When working with git or GitHub flow, you often encounter many branches that have already been merged into the master or develop branches.

You can delete branches that have been merged into your current branch simply by using the following command in your project:


How to install

GOMI can be installed via Homebrew:

brew tap jiko21/gomi

then,Then, install it with:

brew install gomi


branch delete block

You can specify branches that you do not want to delete.

This can be done using a .gomiignore file in your project’s root directory.

If you don’t use a .gomiignore file, the default rule applies: master, main, develop, and release branches cannot be deleted by GOMI.

An example of a .gomiignore file is shown below:

# this is commented out
# lines like this are ignored in the .gomiignore file

Auto-Execution After Merging a Branch

You can configure GOMI to run automatically after merging a branch.

This feature can be enabled during the initialization of GOMI.


You can generate a .gomiignore file with the command shown below.

Afterward, Git hooks will be created for actions following a merge commit.

$ gomi init